Process & Pricing

Contemporary room set with Labrador dog photography wall art


Commissioning a beautiful, custom-created portrait of your furry friend is a simple and enjoyable experience in three stages:

1. The COnsultation

First, get in touch so that we can have a chat.

You can tell me more about your doggy, their story and personality, and I can answer any questions you night have.

Then we'll agree a time and place for your photoshoot, and you can decide if you want to add Artwork Credit to your order.

2. The Photo session

We'll start by making sure your dog is comfortable with the camera.

We'll talk about what kinds of images you're looking for. If we're at your home you can show me where you're thinking of hanging your forthcoming art.

Then comes the fun part! We'll get a variety of shots to capture the distinctive character, poses and expressions of your dog.

3. The Reveal

Usually about a week later it's time for the viewing and ordering session. I'll show you the best images, and you decide which ones best capture your dog's character.

I'll show you samples of products. We'll discuss the suitability of different styles and sizes.

Once you've decided what to order, I'll create your wall art and gift products and deliver them to you within 2-3 weeks!


Photo Session Experience

I like to keep things simple: a Photo Session with Paw Prints is yours for exactly £50 for the whole experience described above.

If you’re at all concerned as to whether I can get good pictures of your dog – I offer a full Money Back Guarantee if you’re not happy with the photos.

Prepaid Artwork Credit

You can save money by investing in Artwork Credit in advance, to put towards wall art such as framed prints, canvases, acrylics.

The more Artwork Credit you buy upfront, the more you save:

  • £200 Artwork Credit for £150

  • £100 Artwork Credit for £75

  • £50 Artwork Credit for £45


If you’re thinking about someone else, a gift voucher makes a wonderful present for a pet lover. All three Photo Session + Artwork Credit combinations are available as vouchers to gift to loved ones.

Choose between including £200, £100 or £50 Artwork Credit.

Printed Artworks

Your favourite pictures from the session can be immortalised as heirloom-quality artworks, to be proudly displayed around your home.

Bespoke wall art of your beloved pet is available in a variety of sizes and materials, from £195 to £595. Full details are on the Products page.

Contemporary room set with large wall art of Bedlington Terrier dog photo

Desk art products and sets of gift prints are also available, starting at £50.