PetPals Richmond


Hello! My name is Rob and if you are reading this, then Jean from PetPals Richmond gave you the link because I recently took photographs of your dog or dogs!

This page is in two parts:

  • Firstly – how to view, select and order your included 7x5” print(s)

  • Secondly (and optionally) – how to order any additional printed products you might like

How to View and Select Your Photos

A few notes before you look at the photos:

  • If you had one dog photographed:

    • Your photos are in the first half of the gallery

    • You get to choose one of the photos as a 7x5” photographic print included as part of the offer

  • If you had two or more dogs photographed:

    • Your photos are in the second half of the gallery

    • You get to choose two of the photos as 7x5” photographic prints included as part of the offer

Please note that all the images have not been fully and finally edited – all the dogs were on leads which have been very roughly removed in photography software, for the purposes of showing you these proof copies.

Please rest assured that the images produced for your chosen prints will have final edits to make the leads completely invisible!

How to order

1. Choose your favourite photo(s)

2. Note the Photo Number on the bottom right of your screen – see the pic below as an example:


3. Now simply let Jean at PetPals know the Photo Number(s) of the photo(s) you’ve chosen

Jean will collect the whole order for included prints and pass on to me when complete.

I will then organise everyone’s prints and send them to Jean for distribution to you!

(If you want any additional printed products then please jump to the next section on this page – only order the included prints with Jean – for anything else please come direct to me at Paw Prints as detailed below)

OK… Ready to look at your doggy pics? Just click the image below!



Additional Printed Products

If you’d like any printed products over and above the one or two prints included in the original offer, you can order those directly from me at Paw Prints – at special discounted prices too.

Additional 7x5” Prints

If you simply want one or more additional 7x5” colour prints, these are £10 each including UK postage.

Wall Art

If you want something more substantial for the wall, Paw Prints works with highly respected UK photography trade laboratories to offer ready-to-hang artworks in three materials.

Acrylic Print

Click to enlarge

An acrylic print is a luxurious, contemporary choice, designed to bring out the best colour rendition and sharpness possible.

Printed using the finest 12-colour ink technology and face-mounted with 5mm crystal clear plexiglas, bonded using the highest grade UK-made fine art adhesive, your images are fully UV protected and sealed to last a lifetime. Your acrylic print will be supplied ready to hang with an aluminium subframe so it hangs away from the wall slightly, giving it a subtle presence in the room.

Canvas Wrap

Click to enlarge

Sitting between contemporary acrylic and more traditional framed prints, a canvas wrap is well-suited to the widest variety of home decor.

A Paw Prints canvas is printed on 380gsm bright white canvas using the latest 12 colour giclée printing technology, and coated with a unique museum-grade UV varnish mix.

Each one is stretched by hand onto 33mm solid pine gallery bars by a skilled artisan to ensure a professional feel and finish.

Framed Fine Art Print

Click to enlarge

A perennially popular choice, framed prints are ideal if you already have framed art in your home decor and wish to add something that matches.

Ours are professionally printed onto archival quality semi-gloss photographic paper before being encased in bespoke – not mass-produced – wooden frames by a professional framer.

Frames are available in a choice of wood finishes to suit your existing decor.


Wall Art prices

Whichever material you choose – Acrylic Print, Canvas Wrap or Framed Fine Art Print – the price is the same for the size.

There are three Wall Art sizes, and here are the prices – normal and discounted:

Small – 16” x 12” – usual price £200, PetPals client price £180

Medium – 20” x 16” – usual price £250, PetPals client price £225

Large – 30” x 20” – usual price £300, PetPals client price £270


How to Order

If you’re interested in ordering any additional printed products, or just have questions to ask – please get in touch via the details on the Contact page.