Pet portraits with personality

Pet portraits with personality

“My dog is…”

I recently redesigned the Paw Prints website (I do hope you noticed 😉) to better get across something that I feel makes the Paw Prints dog photography experience special.

I pride myself on being able to capture a dog’s own distinct personality.

Miniature Dachshund dog photograph

Maybe it’s because I’m a ‘dog person’, but I really do believe that dogs are the most expressive, individual and characterful species on earth after humans. One of the many things that help me love my job so much is that I get to meet and hang out with so many of these individual characters.

It started with an email

Since I started this dog photography business a few years ago I’ve been collecting the kind words of satisfied customers – partly because such real life reactions from former clients can be really great for persuading new people to get on board, and partly because it reassures me that I still know what I’m doing!

The quotes that really stand out in my mind are the ones that say that I have captured their dog’s personality perfectly – this is music to my ears, the reason I do this job. One testimonial in particular really stayed with me as it articulated – far better than I could word it myself – what I want to achieve with every dog portrait.

It came, unprompted, from a lovely lady called Nikki back in November and it was about this gorgeous trio of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in a leather armchair

“A brief note to thank you for the wonderful photograph of my three favourite pups. I had high hopes based on your website images – but you have surpassed my expectations.

You have managed to capture their personalities perfectly… from Emily’s staunch nobleness, to Willow’s slight timidness masking the inner rebel, to Bonnie’s eager youthfulness. Utterly gorgeous.

What an amazing gift you possess Rob – the ability to capture a dog’s inner soul and their owners’ hearts.”

I was blown away by these kind words. It made me really focus on what I felt I should be getting across to prospective clients and other visitors to the Paw Prints website. Every dog owner can describe their pup’s personality – it’s my job to capture not just a likeness but the essence of that dog.

Black Labrador dog photo

So after the craziness of the pre-Christmas period, in January I took some time to really think about how I was explaining Paw Prints to people, and realised that it all circled around this ‘personality’ point.

“Your dog’s got personality...”

I now encourage everyone thinking of commissioning a canine portrait to tell me all about the dog’s distinct personality, as I know that helps me to capture the right moments, poses and expressions to do that personality justice in the photographic frame.

What I really want is that a Paw Prints portrait does two really important things: celebrates the dog’s unique personality now, and serves as a permanent reminder of that personality long after they have left us. It’s a sad fact that dogs aren’t with us for as long as we’d like, but a good portrait that really shows off their true nature is a way of keeping their memory alive forever.

Border Collie dog photo

Border Collie dog photo


Ziggy here passed away in December, but his owners will have a framed print of him to remember him by.

– Rob

If you’d like to book a dog photo session experience, get in touch by calling 07800 877932 or clicking the button below.

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