My favourite part of being a pet photographer

My favourite part of being a pet photographer

What’s the best thing about being a pet photographer?

After doing this for a little while I realised that there’s one particular part of being a pet photographer that I enjoy most of all. Don’t get me wrong, pretty much all of my job is pretty cool (apart from doing the accounts, obviously) but there’s still one aspect that I get the most satisfaction from. 

Is it the photo session itself? 

Meeting cool dogs. Meeting nice dog owners. Playing with sweeeeet camera gear. All of these things make a photo session fun.

Pet photography photoshoot

But... it’s not the best bit. Not yet. 

Is it the editing?

Some people love photo editing; some people hate it. I’m somewhere in between – I find it quite a pleasant way to pass the time, and it can sometimes be very creative. Sometimes there’s a problem to solve, so it engages the brain as well as the eyes.

Editing pet photography

But... it can drive you crazy. It’s not good to stare at a screen all day and night...

Is it the reveal session?

The day I go back to the client to show them the images from their photoshoot can be hugely enjoyable. The reactions I get when I play a slideshow of the best images from the session can range from laughter, through oohs and aahs, to (happy) tears.

Presenting pet photography

The other nice thing about a good reveal appointment is helping the client to decide what kind of wall artwork would look best in their home. Advising people on what sizes, colours and materials will best show off their favourite pictures of their dog is something I really get a lot of satisfaction from.

Wall art

But... is it the very best part of the job? Not quite... 

So what is the best part of the job?

I’ve decided that... 

Whippet pet photography

the best part

Three dogs pet photography

of the job

Two labradors pet photography

is handing over

Two Pugs pet photography

the finished products

Jack Russells pet photography

that people will hang on their walls

Cocker Spaniel pet photography

and treasure

Three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels pet photography


Yorkshire Terrier pet photography

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