2018 in Review

2018 in Review


A year in the life of a Yorkshire dog photographer

My new year’s resolution for Paw Prints is to start a blog! And I thought the best way to kick it off might be to look back over the last year and pick out a few highlights.

Although I actually started Paw Prints back in 2017, most of that year was finding my feet in dog photography and making lots of mistakes to learn from 😀 ... applying all the lessons from year one made 2018 much more successful and more enjoyable!

Lots and lots of dogs

After the final photoshoot in mid-December I totalled up how many pets had been in front of the Paw Prints camera in 2018. I’d had a rough target at the start of the year of about 100 pets, and was delighted to see that I’d beaten it! In the end it was 117 in total – 114 dogs, two cats and a cockatiel. This pretty much tripled my year one tally. Yay!

2018 montage of dog photographs

Giving back

One of the things that gives me most satisfaction as a photographer is to be able to raise a little money and awareness for animal charities. Last year Paw Prints raised over £500 for different local and national pet charities, including Guide Dogs for the Blind, National Animal Sanctuaries Support League and Ryedale Dog Rescue.

The main method of fundraising in 2018 was ‘Popup Studio’ events, where I do a day of quick-fire mini-sessions for a small donation. In addition to this in 2019 I’m adding a Donation Pledge, where I will give £10 to any pet-related charity nominated by a photoshoot customer. So if you have a favourite animal charity, let me know when you make your booking!

Fame at last!

In the summer I had a mini-exhibition of dog portraits at the renowned Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton. I got to display a selection of pictures as part of the gallery’s Dog Week celebrations.

Part of the Paw Prints dog portrait display at Joe Cornish Gallery, July 2018

Part of the Paw Prints dog portrait display at Joe Cornish Gallery, July 2018

I decided to create a new set of images in a matching style – close-cropped headshots against black backgrounds. So thank you to Archie, Krystal, Toby, Pippin, Dora and Henry for being willing headshot models! 

This was the second (but hopefully not last) exhibition of my dog portraits, following my month-long launch exhibition back in 2017. I’m always interested in opportunities to display my pet pictures!

Pick of the year

Looking back over 2018, there are some photos that stand out for one reason or another... I’ve loved every dog photography session I’ve had the pleasure of doing this year, but there are a few individual photographs that stick out in my memory for a particular reason.

Sometimes it’s catching just the right expression, sometimes it’s achieving a first (like getting a dog, two cats and cockatiel in one photo!), sometimes it’s a technical thing where I nailed a new technique and last but not least sometimes it’s the reaction of the client when they saw their photos...

– Rob

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The hidden message in the business name

The hidden message in the business name