Jasper, Rob the dog photographer, Henry

Jasper, Rob the dog photographer, Henry


My name is Rob Townsend and I’m a dog photographer based in Yorkshire and covering all of the North of England. I started taking photos of my own dogs Jasper and Henry while I was studying photography, and a few years ago decided to leave behind corporate life and start a new career as a dedicated pet photographer.

My philosophy can be summarised very simply as:

I want everyone who loves their dog to have its photo on their wall.

The seed was planted back in 2010 when we had a professional photo session for our first dog Tooty who had been diagnosed with cancer. Having those photos turned into wall art to remind us of her after she’d gone was one of the best decisions we ever made.

It’s an unavoidable fact that a dog isn’t with us for our whole life, so freezing a moment and capturing their personality in a portrait is a way of both celebrating them when they are with you, and keeping their memory alive forever.

I started Paw Prints because I wanted other pet parents to experience the joy that a good professional pet portrait can bring.

Your dog has personality – let’s capture that!

– Rob

P.S. this is just the one-minute version… if you’re really interested, the full story is in a blog post